Hortico All Lawns Fertiliser

All Lawns 8kg

A good meaty feed for your lawn.

Hortico All Lawns Fertiliser has a blend of ingredients inside that feeds all types of lawns, gets your lawn growing lush and green.

The combo of fast acting nutrients with a slow release means you see greening results quickly PLUS get that lasting feed for up to 3 months.



  • Fast results with visible greening within 7 days. Remember to read the pack instructions to get the best results.
  • Feeds for up to 12 weeks. Professional slow release nitrogen technology ensures a long term feed.
  • Get a strong, hardy lawn. Added potassium improves leaf strength and wear resistance. Kids will love it.
  • Lush green lawn . Added iron promotes a rich, deep green lawn. Gives you a lawn you can stare at for ages.
  • Improves soil structure, increasing soil water and nutrient storage ability. You improve the soil and the worms will look after your lawn.
  • Easy to use granular fertiliser. Fine granular formulation filters down to the lawns roots and quickly dissolves when watered in. Reduces the changes of children or pets eating the product.

NPK Analysis (The technical stuff)

NPK 12 : 0 : 5
Sulfur 13
Iron 2


2.5kg bag – Covers 95 square metres.
8kg bag – Covers 300 square metres.

How to Apply

  1. Best time to fertilise is at the start of each season.
  2. Measure lawn area and fertiliser needed.
  3. Evenly spread by hand or spreader.
  4. Water in well after.