Hortico All Lawns Hose On

Lawn Fertilizer 2L

For those wanting something easy, Hortico All Lawns Hose On is a fast acting liquid hose on fertiliser ideal for use on all lawn types.

Simply click onto your hose and spray away.

Contains fast acting nutrients that can be quickly absorbed by the lawn to promote fast greening.


  • Fast results with visible greening within 5 days. Remember to read the pack instructions to get the best results.
  • Contains fast acting nitrogen, iron and potassium to promote healthier, greener and stronger lawns.
  • An easy to use, liquid hose on pack. Simply plug in your hose and spray to apply the fast acting fertiliser.

NPK analysis (The technical stuff)

NPK 9.3 : 0 : 2
Iron 0.2

Available in

2L hose on pack – covers 120 square metres.