Hortico Bindii Killer Hose On For Lawns

Hortico Bindii Killer

Selectively targets controls of certain broadleaf weeds including bindii, clover, dandelion and thistles in most lawns including Buffalo, couch, kikuyu and other common lawn types.


  • Selective formulation means you can spray over your lawn and will target control of certain broadleaf weeds.
  • Controls common weeds in your lawn such bindii, clover, dandelion and thistles.
  • Easy to apply – just connect your hose to bottle and spray away.
  • Safe for all common lawns including buffalo lawns.
  • 2L size treats up to 100m2 of lawn.

Available in

  • 2L Hose-On bottle.

Tips for Success

  • Apply when weeds are growing actively.
  • Avoid spraying if rain is expected.
  • See pack for full details.