Hortico Lawn Repair


A special blend of lawn seed and a slow release lawn food, developed to repair bare areas and patchy lawns. Very simple to use – simply rake and sow!


  • Fast to establish
  • Very easy to use – simply rake and sow
  • The added fertiliser helps the seedlings establish and feeds the surrounding lawn
  • Seeds are a mix of tough, fast growing and drought tolerant varieties.
  • 1 kg covers up to 60 m2

Available in

  • 1kg box

Tips for Success

  1. Mow and rake area to break up soil and remove dead grass.
  2. Spread lawn seed over area evenly.
  3. Spread lawn top dressing and lightly rake.
  4. Water regularly with fine mist spray. Keep area moist until patch established.
  5. Avoid area and mowing until well established.