Hortico Starter Fertiliser For New Lawns

New Lawns 8kg

Going to roll some turf or throw some lawn seed out?

This is a special blend of nutrients ideal for when you’re laying turf out or growing a new lawn from seed (you’ve got more patience than me!).

It’s got great lawn fertiliser nutrients plus organic manure and coir to help the new lawn get going and establish itself.

Hot tip: Best to use this on the soil before you roll turf or throw out seed. But, don’t stress, you can use it after you’ve laid turf, just give it a good watering in.


  • Thicker and quicker growth. Giving your new lawn the right nutrients encourages fast establishment of new grass.
  • Improve soil health and water retention. It’s got chicken manure which helps soil health, with coir and zeolite which helps the soil hold onto water – which is what you want when you’ve got a new lawn. Keeping it nice and moist promotes the root growth, seed germination and seedling survival.
  • Feeds for up to 12 weeks. Professional slow release nitrogen technology ensures a long term feed.
  • It’s got a lower fertiliser content which better for new lawns and seeds. Too much fertiliser for young growing lawns can actually shock and harm it, can even kill it. So this is the best amount of fertiliser so it won’t harm your new lawn but is enough to give it a gentle feed to give it a push along.

NPK analysis (The technical stuff)

NPK 4.4 : 0.5 : 2.1
Sulfur 2.8, Calcium 1.2, Iron 0.2

When to Apply

  • For instant turf – Ideally use before laying turf. However, can be used after turf has been laid.
  • For lawn seed – Ideally apply at the same time as sowing seed. However, can be applied shortly after sowing seed.
  • For the best success when growing new lawns, establish in early Autumn or early Spring.

Available in

8kg bag – Covers 100 square metres.

h2 How to Apply

Get your soil preparation right. Take the time to prepare the soil thoroughly well before laying turf. It’s difficult to correct once the lawn is established. Establish your lawn before it becomes too hot or cold. Turf can be laid during warmer months but more watering is required.