Helpful Tips

Potted Plants

Potting mixes are graded by Australian Standards as Premium and Regular. Premium ‘Red Tick’ such as Hortico 25L Premium Blend has superior nutrient levels, water holding capacity and wettability compared to regular grade potting mix. Hortico 25L Premium blend also contains controlled release fertiliser which will feed your plants for up to nine months.

It is important when choosing a potting mix to check if it has been certified by Australian Standards. Hortico have both Premium Blend ‘Red Tick’ and All Purpose Regular ‘Black Tick’ Australian Standard potting mixes. The Hortico 25L ‘Black Tick’ is a good all purpose mix and provides good drainage.

Potted plants need watering when the top 1cm of potting mix feels dry. Ensure the pot has good drainage holes, and avoid leaving the pot saucer full of water, as this can lead to root rot.

Lawn Sowing

Hortico Tough and Drought Hardy Lawn Seed is a great all purpose product for sowing new lawn or oversowing an existing lawn.

When sowing the lawn keep the area moist until the lawn is established.

Once the lawn is established (usually after four to six weeks and when it is 8 to 10cm high), mow the lawn, taking off a maximum of 1/3 of the total grass height.

Lawn Care

Hortico fast greening lawn food will feed your lawn for up to 2 months.

Apply Hortico Lawn Food at a rate of 25g over 1 square metre (one adult handful holds approx 70g).

Lawns perform best when the soil is ph 6.0-7.0. If your soil is acidic, apply lime. If your soil is a heavy clay, apply gypsum to help soften the soil.

Saving water in the garden

Hortico’s range of water-saving products will help your garden survive and thrive through dry times. Hortico soil wetters come in either an easy-to-spread dry form or as a convenient liquid hose-on. They help water penetrate through hard soils and dry potting mixes to get down to the roots where it can do the most good.

Hortico water-storing crystals hold moisture and release it whenever the plant requires extra water. Allow the dry crystals to swell and soften in water, then add the resulting gel to potting mix or soil before planting . Make sure that the swollen crystals are in the root area. To improve soil moisture levels for existing plants, pre-swell crystals and then spoon them into vertical holes that go down into the root region.

Retain moisture in the soil by mulching with Hortico Termite Resistant Mulch. It reduces evaporation and weed growth (which stops weeds competing with your precious plants for food and water